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The Collection Period

"Frustration is a big part of surfing. It's the part we all tend to forget--stupid sessions, waves missed, waves blown, endless-seeming lulls." -William Finnegan in Barbarian Days

When you're in the flow of it, you forget about the lulls that came before. The periods in life where you felt like you were wasting your time and being lazy are probably the most important times of your life. They are the collection periods: A time when you were able to collect your thoughts, ideas, experiences, or random sprinkles of inspiration. When you are in them, they feel like a waste because they are slow, methodical, and you feel like the world is moving and talking as slow as that whale in Finding Nemo. 

In Barbarian Days, a memoir about surfing, author William Finnegan openly recounts how often he felt like he was wasting his life travelling around the world chasing the best waves in his early twenties. However, the experiences he had provided excellent writing material and inspiration for articles and books, and those long lulls of nothingness gifted him with the time to put those words to paper. But, as he states several times in his book, he didn't know what he was doing during those times. He felt like he was floated aimlessly, pulled by his desire to surf and find new experiences. 

If you are in a day, month, or decade, of "endless-seeming lulls" where nothing is coming your way or materializing, don't fret, don't fear, and don't become frustrated. 

Keep collecting while you wait for that wave.