A Butterfly In A Snow Globe

A butterfly trapped in a snow globe held by hands that don't understand
her delicacy. Battered by an angry blizzard, deafened by the same old tune. Her only companion: a sweet snowman who could often be found covering her shivering wings with his scarf. One day the globe gave way to tile and she found herself dancing in a warm breeze that restored all colour to her washed out wings. The wind blew her kisses and the flowers told her she was beautiful. Her stomach full of nectar and her wings painted gold. Every height was hers. The sky. The moon. Even heaven. But she never cared to claim the stars. At night she flew back to the box that housed the remains of her shattered glass cage to sit upon nose of her sweet love. People have said that having wings will make you free. But what good is freedom without a friend to share it with?